how To Satisfy Your Husband In Bed

A Noble Women’s Essential Reference To Making Love To There Men

want to learn to please my husband in bed

Making love to a man as a lady is not all about having sexual intercourse! It is a combination of giving him your jazzing spirit of sexual and emotional commitment right from the beginning of the day!..:)

Your Fellow executive That You have “want” to please with all sincerity that life has to offer is pleased easily by having the greatest sex in the world !

Even just a modest way of having intercourse via the plain missionary. or say doggy style will please and “meet” your guy’s “sexual desire“!

But in the art of making love to a man!

To Fill A Married Mans Entire NEED

Is a combination of Many Things such as:

  • Knowing how to look at him with infatuation
  • Your ability to talk with solicitation and devotion
  • social touch with a mix of flirtation
  • Indiscreetly Playing hard to get “Men Love a Challenge”
  • Presently dress in in a manor that drives his aspiration to getting it on
  • Open mindedness to meet each others imaginative fascination’s Presenting yourself in fun, like dance hoovering e.t.c

There is so much a woman can learn for connecting intimately with their particular person.

He is more than just an animal that simply likes to get it on, he should be a gentlemen who has real human natural characteristics.

Keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied And Going All The Way!

To manage to keep your Hubby sexually ambiguous and appeased can easily be obtained by any faithful and devoted wife via basically making husband fall more and more head over heals inlove with you.

having captivated and intimately sessions of sexual intercourse in holy matrimony is what gives a bonded relationship the universal power to communicate to one and others SOUL.

By establishing the art of lovemaking with satisfying the tie that binds the two of you together, there can only be one thing that can become from developing these interpersonal emotions.

The two of you will with each day be united and bound together in life as well as truelove. Your husband will be completely happy and never desire another women intimately EVER.!

Knowing what it takes to help keep a spouse happy is by far the best and only real way to let them develop for their self the confidence and security that YOU truly love them.This simply allows them to soak up your spirited emotion.

If you could imagine right now exactly how this will make advance to what your husbands creative desire will be to use his sexual ambition to completely satisfy YOU !!!

It Will Be HUGE

When YOU Find the

ways to keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied

Happy And TOTALLY Inlove With YOU!!!

My late grandma had a great belief that she would always drop in as a hint for letting us know how she had a soulmates love! in some table conversation's which went a little like this:

“your grandfather and I,blah blah were soulmates” but yeah she knew what she was talking about, but the point is. She said “a true women is a lady by day, but to make true love one NEEDS to be a SL&%T at the later of the evening.

Grand knowledge passed down to keep a husband satisfied

Your love life is a part of making or breaking your marital life. If you don’t feel confident in whether you are performing up to the yearning of what your husband wants or needs.

Then you have got nothing to loose by venturing out of what you may be comfortable in, and even looking out for some High Quality Mentoring. To ensure you develop all that is required, right?.

I would inspire you to begin a journey to becoming a wife who is that prepared to jump right out of your comfort zone and use your “child like imagination” to be creative as to the tasks outlaid here.

Your journey to make the sexual satisfaction’s

of yours! and your husband’s has begun

and you have unstoppable power to show him

there is more to sexual relations than just sex.

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10 thoughts on “how To Satisfy Your Husband In Bed”

  1. Every woman (and man) should be open minded about this topic. It’s true that a husband and wife or even partners may have a good relationship to begin with but it’s better if they get to know more of themselves especially at intimate timIt’s not about who’s being submissive or dominant (because they can be both played alternately) but the ability to give it all during intimacy.

     Different things should be tried because you are entitled to a fabulous sex. You can do pretend plays, for example. I heard this from a sex therapist once. A husband and wife should sometimes pretend as a cheating husband and a mistress. It means they have to stick to the given roles. You may have secret meetings, use different names and different personalities. it’s al up to your preference. This kind of adventure really works to perk up a relationship. 

    Thank you for sharing what is not commonly talked about publicly. I hope for the success of  lessons to love!

    1. lessonstolove.onfo

      Its my pleasure to bring the love out:) And make it open source. Many lady’s are struggling in relationships and really value guidance and tips. This is at the very TOP of keeping a marriage ALIVE and it is my prayer’s that I get to help with getting our world back to positive love.

      Your advice is very powerful if one is willing to try, so thank you very much for adding that here we really appreciate it.I believe that if there is a desire by either husband or wife. It Should be carried out. 

      I personally love the “out in nature” scenes or the man cave adventures:)

      Many thanks and blessings MissusB

  2. Many marriages would be saved if everyone could access this information on this post. A very sensitive and delicate issue to discuss among couples but you have successfully bisected here. To keep your husband sexually active and make him desire more of you while you maintain your class and high esteem is a great thing that most women should know. Seriously, I would share this post on all possible platforms I know of to sensitise people more. Thanks so much for this

    1. lessonstolove.onfo

      Humble Thanks RoDarrick. The way I see the world of relationship heading all around us. I feel it of high importance to become open like this. I don’t see maistream magazine’s offering advice on pleasing a husband sexually in  way to keep the love PURE. And much of it put many on a confusing track that often ends in sorrow.

      Share Away my Friend. Kind Regards Rob

  3. You know what, sex is a natural thing in marriages but I still find that people are uncomfortable talking about it. I really don’t know why but they just do. Sex is a beautiful thing that can draw a man and a woman closer together.

    The sexual needs of a man and that of a woman are very different and from what I have found out it seems that men have more sexual desires than women which is why I think men cheat on women.

    Their sexual urge is so strong that if their needs are not being met by their partners can lead to them looking outside for sexual satisfaction.

    Of course it goes both ways but women really need to know that men are naturally more sexual beings than women so I think women really need to pay more attention to the sexual desires of their husbands which is one of the ways to keep them always willing to devote themselves to their wives.

    1. lessonstolove.onfo

      Hey Jay. Thanks for your valuable chime here:)

      You are quite right, and in the right “trusted” environment we should be more vocal and encouraging to create a better love life:) Feed The Soul. and save the marriage from failure. Both husband and wives can/do stray from dis satisfaction from the sex relationship. More often than not sexual frustration is an unidentified stem that leads to problems which can cause separation and even divorce.


  4. That’s really a great article not only for women but for men too. You have talked about a very sensitive matter that is never discussed openly by many couples and which in my opinion results in breaking many marriages when overlooked. 

    I wish you could have a seminar for wives and talk about this issue. I’ve bookmarked your post and shared it with friends and I’m sure it will pass a very important message to many. Do you have any recommendation videos about this topic? 

  5. My grandma was married for 56 years happily and she said the secret was to keep your man happy while being classy. My grandfather was head over heels for her and their love for each other grew over the years. Her advice always stayed with me. To date my happy marriage is at a bakers dozen lol. Hubby has eyes for no one else but me and our love deepens daily. There is a flow between us of give and take and balancing each other. Having a strong physical relationship is key and keeping him satisfied in all aspects keeps him wanting to do the same for me! This is the happy marriage secret.

  6. This is a topic that many today still find taboo, as it can be a delicate topic to handle in a public forum… Still, some have done so over the years (when I was a kid, it was Dr. Ruth).  I’m of the thinking that the details of those intimate relations should be kept private, but there is nothing wrong with learning how to please one another… I agree with your statement at the end too, people should realize that making love isn’t just about the physical part of sex… there is also an emotional and spiritual connection as well, often times people try to take that part out of it… but, you can’t. Not without cheapening the intimacy.  Anyways, just my thoughts…

    1. Thanks for chiming in here Blakey, as you have pointed out something very valuable! That is specifically in “LOVE”the emotional and spiritual aspect of making love should be way over and above the sex aspect of it all, as it was once upon a time. I believe with the misleading information inside mainstream media and the now lack of guidance and education The True satisfaction of sexual intimacy is dying. Then leading to disappointment inside good relationships…

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